Paul Weaver, Ph.D.    

Paul is an action researcher and expert in innovation, with interests in transformative social innovation, innovative social policy and the links between these.  His background is as an economic geographer and systems analyst. He worked formerly at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Austria; at INSEAD, France; and at several European Universities. He has expertise and interests in sustainable development, local economic development, place making and secondary economy strategies. He uses implementation science to support evidence-based decision making. He has contributed to innovative approaches to socio-ecological system modelling, integrated sustainability assessment and to transitions concepts and theory. His action research focuses on using living lab approaches.

Paul has contributed to several recently-completed projects funded by the European Commission: to the TRANSIT project on social innovation, which developed concepts, empirics and a theory of social innovation in transformative change; to the OPERAS project on Green Infrastructure, Nature-Based Solutions and the Circular and Green Economies; and to the GLOBIS project on globalization informed by sustainable development. He contributed on behalf of GRA to a Defra-sponsored project on implementing an ecosystems approach (EMBED) and to an EC-funded coordination project (Vision RD4SD) supporting science policy for sustainability in EU member states. He has just contributed to a state-of-the-art review of knowledge on sustainability transitions organised by the European Environment Agency, co-authoring the chapter on socio-economic transformation.  As part of a study conducted for the Joint Research Centre, Seville, Spain, he is supporting a review of social policy innovation and its relation to resilience at different levels.



Sebastian Yuen

Sebastian is a consultant paediatrician in George Eliot Hospital, Nuneaton. He understands process improvement, pathways, systems, networks and platforms. He has been trained in measurement for improvement, including process, outcome, balancing measures and population health. He has 20 years’ experience as a clinician and is acutely aware of the need to address social determinants of health, facilitate asset-based community development and advance an agenda for investment in upstream prevention. In 2012-3, he led the Patient and Family Centred Care programme (Walsall) which won a national patient safety award. Sebastian has run a series of Reflective Spaces and team-building workshops. He is a member of the Q Community, a Fab Ambassador, an NHS Care Maker, and a Health Service Journal Rising Star.


Michael Marks, Ph.D.  

David Boyle   

Carina Skropke

Barbara Huston

Linda Hogan