Green Infrastructure, Nature-Based Solutions, Ecosystem Services and the Green/Circular economy

GRA activities address the challenges of ecological sustainability, nature conservation and nature restoration by applying implementation science approaches to support the design of nature-based and green/circular economy solutions, evaluate these, and learn through determinant and process analyses about design and contextual factors that can influence outcomes.


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Weaver, P.; Potschin, M. and R. Haines‐Young (2010): Embedding an Ecosystems Approach in Decision Making; Measuring the Added Value. WP1  Methodology. Defra Project Code: NR0135

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Weaver, P. M., Tinch, R., Tuomasjukka, D., Kettunen, M. and Hadzhiyska, D. (2017) Operationalising Ecosystem Services: Implementation Guidance. Available at: