GRA is concerned with complex societal challenges that have a systemic pathology. There are no ‘off-the-peg’ or ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions.  In this context of complexity and uncertainty, we seek to be systems innovators and systems entrepreneurs.  We seek to work at the interface between top down and bottom up initiatives and to act as a bridge between sectors, organisations, actors and stakeholders. We seek to enable and support innovation and experimentation through partnering with local actors seeking novel ways to address challenges and opportunities. We seek to help them to co-develop context-sensitive solutions.

We combine action research with experimental design and evaluation (living laboratory approaches) and use methods drawn from implementation science, systems science and transition theory to support evidence-based decision making and transition management.  We use approaches that are transdisciplinary, context-sensitive, participatory and based upon experiments, knowledge brokerage, social learning and adaptive management. Our approaches to research and innovation stress the assets and values of diversity and inclusion.

Our approach is to contribute to a ‘mosaic’ of context-sensitive local solutions that are synergistic with each other and that can also contribute to higher systems-level and societal- level transformations. We seek to learn from local solutions and to disseminate transferable lessons to accelerate larger-scale transformations.